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Surfing the Cribber

Surfing the Cribber – the opportunity to surf this wave only occurs when it appears a few times between September and April. The very large waves are caused by the low-pressure systems in the Atlantic which triggers the huge swells which then rise up as they pass over the reef. Surfing in these conditions is […]

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Vintage Newquay Surfing Video

Surfing in Newquay in the 70’s.  Archive surfing film of the early days of surfing in the days before mobile phones, when tablets where a medication from the chemist and flares where in. This vintage Newquay surfing video was made in the decade of the Vietnam War, Nixon as president of the United States,  Films […]

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Watergate Bay Windsurfers

  October – Watergate Bay Windsurfers Sitting in the “Beach Hut” cafe and enjoyed a coffee while watching the Watergate Bay Kitesurfers. You can take a days training course in Kite Surfing along with all the other water based sports here in Watergate Bay and in many other other beaches around Newquay.

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The Gul Night Surf Fistral Beach

Newquay Fistral Beach – Night Time Surfing This video – The Gul Night surf Fistral Beach records one of the few night time surf competitions in the UK. A spectacle enjoyed by many as professional surfers ride the waves on the UK’s most famous surfing beach at night under the lights. Filmed on Saturday the […]

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Surfing Cribber

  Little Fistral Surfing – Windy Day Surfing the Cribbar is only for experienced surfers who really do know what they are doing. Huge swell hit on Wed 21st October a Little Fistral and the Cribber. Here is some of the tow in action from that very windy day!

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Learn to Surf

Learn to Surf in Newquay. Newquay has surf schools and tuition available for all. Whether this is your first time or you are an experienced surfer looking to progress to instructor standard or simply improve your technique. Tuition and training in all types of adrenaline sports is available from many of the surf schools that […]

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