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Fishing in Newquay

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Fishing in Newquay

Enjoy a fishing trip while on holiday in Newquay

The nation’s most popular sport …whatever kind of fisherman you are – it’s all here in Newquay

Forget the constraints of cost or availability that inhibit fishermen elsewhere. Newquay offers at keen prices the full spectrum of challenge to rod and line, bait and fly: coastal, deep-sea or fresh-water; from river-bank to harbour-side, and from easy-going trawls for mackerel to marathon duels with shark and conger. It will add to the repertoire of the specialist, provide variety and stimulus to those limited in what and where they can fish, and introduce beginners to the nation’s most popular sport.

The upper reaches of the River Fowey, close to the 12th century town of Lostwithiel, are perfect to practice the delicate art of fly-fishing, varying beat, line and technique with your intended prey: brown trout in the eddies and pools, salmon and sea-trout in shoals and white water. Licences are available from Lostwithiel’s Tourist Information Centre and several tackle shops in both Lostwithiel and Fowey.

Porth Reservoir provides a lake-like expanse of water and still greater variety: carp, eel, perch, roach, rudd, tench and the coarse fisherman’s prime trophy, the large and canny bream. Bags of 130lb have been caught by visiting anglers and 80lb is commonplace. The reservoir is only four miles from Newquay, and permits are available on site.

Fishing in Newquay

Feeding the seals after a Fishing trip

Newquay’s numerous tackle shops are testimony to the rich harvest of the sea. Deep-sea and coastal angling trips are advertised there and at the harbour, where you can take your pick of tutored, accompanied or bare-boat charters to the offshore fishing grounds.  The variety of opportunities for fishing in Newquay ensures that you can participate in a form that suits you.

© Photograph of Feeding the Seals after a fishing trip with kind permission of Nilfanion (Flckr)

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