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We have re-started the Blog postings from October 1st 2021.  Catch up with the latest news about Newquay here. Here is where will post News Items and list the latest videos we have put up on the site. Please let us know if you would like to see something in particular mentioned on the Newquay guide Blog.

Latest Newquay Guide Blog Posts

  • newquay sea safaris thrilled at Newquay Sea Safaris – Thrilled at the sight of Dolphins and Whales October 4, 2021 - Newquay Sea Safaris A trip out from Newquay harbour to see Dolphins and Minke Whales.  Thrilling to get so close to the Dolphins as they swam in front of the bow wave on the boat.  Dolphins are a common sight around the coast of Cornwall.  For more information on the various types of Dolphins in […]
  • Newquay Webcams Newquay Webcams – Live action video from your favourite beaches October 2, 2021 - Newquay Webcams Not as good as being there but being able to see the conditions and others enjoying the beaches whether surfing or for just a stroll is a great way to spend a few moments. Webcams can be temperamental which is hardly surprising as they suffer the full force of the elements and do […]
  • Bloodhound at Newquay - The Story Bloodhound Newquay – The supersonic Car November 17, 2017 - Bloodhound Newquay – 2017 Bloodhound Facts Update: Bloodhound LSR, formerly Bloodhound SSC Lack of funds and the COVID-19 pandemic stalled progress in 2020, and in 2021 the vehicle was offered for sale. BLOODHOUND SSC is approximately 13.4m long and weighs 7.5 tonnes. The design is a mix of car and aircraft technology, with the front […]
  • Surfing the Cribber Surfing the Cribber – Newquay’s most famous and difficult wave November 10, 2017 - Surfing the Cribber Surfing the Cribber – the opportunity to surf this wave only occurs when it appears a few times between September and April. The very large waves are caused by the low-pressure systems in the Atlantic which triggers the huge swells which then rise up as they pass over the reef. Surfing in […]
  • Towan Beach Newquay – Making Family Memories February 22, 2017 - It really is not at all surprising that COAST magazine readers voted for Newquay as the best family holiday destination; Cornwall is the perfect destination and staycation for families. Newquay itself has a very obvious draw with 11 beautiful beaches within easy reach providing the opportunity to surf, body board, or simply jump waves, make […]

Latest Newquay Guide Videos

We will be updating and adding new videos to the site over the next few weeks.

  • Video Newquay Night Surf Fistral Beach Night Surfing – Night time thrills at Fistral August 13, 2016 - < Fistral Beach Night Surfing Night surfing competition at Fistral beach in Newquay. Part of the UK Pro Surf Tour. Watching the surfers at night is certainly a great spectator event. Participating in the event must be a real thrill. Back to our Surfing Videos For more information on the UK Pro Surf Tour Back […]
  • Newquay Zoo 2015 Newquay Zoo The Meerkats – A family favourite. December 17, 2015 - Newquay Zoo The Meerkats The Meerkats at Newquay zoo are very popular. Meerkats are native to southern Africa, they inhabit open arid areas, with short grasses and scrub. As a carnivorous species, meerkats will eat insects, lizards, spiders, birds and eggs. They can also kill and eat venomous snakes, scorpions and centipedes without getting hurt […]
  • phillip schofield huers hut Huers Hut – Phillip Schofield – A fascinating history October 29, 2015 - Huers Hut – Phillip Schofield In an interview with the Cornish Guardian on the Hures Hut, Phillip said: “I watched the campaign to look after the hut very carefully and it wasn’t very successful; it closed before I really got to grips with how to donate, as well as how poorly it had all become,”. […]
  • Taylor Knox visits Newquay Taylor Knox visits Newquay June 10, 2015 - Saturday 6th June – Taylor Knox visits Newquay Surf and travel brand Reef together with Carve magazine brought legendary Surfer Taylor Knox to Watergate Bay Newquay for a day of surfing with the local kids. Over one hundred kids turned up for the Reef ‘Get Your Hack On #JUSTPASSINGTHROUGH Grom Day’ surf event to meet […]
  • Screen Shot 2021 09 30 at 18.36.09 Pentire Coast Newquay June 1, 2015 - Pentire coast Newquay An aerial video taken over the Pentire coastline Newquay. The rugged coastline and the Southwest coastal path combine for an enjoyable walking experience. You have a very good chance of watching seals but do not walk and watch out for seals at the same time. This shows off the spectacular coastline both […]
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