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Newquay Lifeboat Videos

Newquay Lifeboat Videos

Newquay Lifeboat Station

Newquay Lifeboat Videos and History

The Newquay Inshore Lifeboat (B821 The Gladys Mildred) For nearly 80 years the Newquay station operated an all-weather lifeboat until it closed in 1945. After a gap of 20 years the station opened again with an inshore lifeboat and has carried out a variety of rescues, earning several awards for gallantry.

The station is classed as a Discover station. The crews from Discover stations are equally welcoming to visitors but many of these stations were built before visitors were considered. These stations normally open their boathouse doors during the summer months.

Read more about the Newquay Lifeboat Station web site here.

Newquay Lifeboat Videos

Kite Surfer Newquay Lifeboat

A short clip (Kite Surfer Newquay Lifeboat) from the RNLI shows a Kite surfer who had got trapped in on rocks. [...]

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© Photograph of Newquay Lifeboat House with kind permission of Geoff Shepherd (Flckr)

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