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Newquay Seal Videos

Newquay Seal Videos - Feeding the seals

Newquay Seals

Newquay Seal Videos – Seals in harbours and beaches.

Seals are a common site all along the coast of Cornwall. Our listing of Newquay seal videos will let you have an idea where you might encounter and be able to observer them when staying in Newquay.

They can often be seen “hauled out” on rocks at low tide or playing in the surf at the bottom of cliffs as they hunt for fish.

They also pop up frequently in harbours especially where there are regular fishing trip boats operating. It is quite clear that they recognise the different boats as they will follow a fishing trip boat into harbour but ignore others!

Newquay Seals

Polly Joke Seals [Video]

Lovely video with two snorklers having close encounters with the Polly Joke Seals which they describe as a game of hide and seek. Hide and Seek with the Polly Joke Seals Being able to get up close like this to any wild animal is a great thrill and to see them in their natural environment and observe them at close hand is a great privilege.  Polly Joke comes from the Corn [...]

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Newquay Seals

  Diving with Newquay Seals Taken by a diving school in Newquay at Poly joke a close encounter with the local seal colony. Filmed in the summer of 2014. The vis was average at about 10m, but the sun was out and the seals were in a playful mood so its all good! [...]

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© Photograph of Feeding the Seals with kind permission of Nilfanion (Flckr)

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