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Newquay Videos

Newquay Lifeboat Launch

Newquay Videos

We have listed below the Newquay videos that we have published on the site.   We are always adding to these.  They are listed with the most recent at the top. They may also feature in our Blog.

We are grateful to all the amateur and professionals who have submitted videos to the various video sharing sites.   The ability to publish them here enhances our visitor experience.

Please note – We do not endorse any view that may be expressed on any of the videos shared here. We do not edit them in any way. If you wish to contact the video owner you may follow the link on every video to make direct contact.

We have included some older Newquay videos on here as we felt that they reflected the time they were made rather well.  Today’s video maker with an iPhone would find the first VHS camcorders that were the size of a small suitcase and carried on the shoulder highly amusing I am sure.

Please use the navigation above to find Videos on many different aspects of Newquay from Dolphin Spotting videos, surfing videos, coastal walk videos, Seal spotting, fishing and more.

We welcome suggestions, submissions and comments please contact us.

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