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Newquay Zoo Videos – Animals and keepers in Action

Newquay Zoo Videos - Red Panda

Red Panda Newquay Zoo

Newquay Zoo Videos – Lions Monkeys and more. 

We have listed below the Newquay Zoo videos we have on the site. Please visit our Newquay Zoo page for more information and to learn about how the Zoo is home to part of an international breeding programme for some endangered species and direct links to the Zoo’s web site.

The zoo is one of the most popular attractions in Newquay and its conservation work is recognised as vitally important in the preservation of the endangered species it works with. A great day out for all – just watch the kids enjoy the antics of the Meerkats and Penguins.

Newquay Zoo Videos

A curious Otter at Newquay Zoo

You can check out the Newquay Zoo Meerkat Cam on our Newquay Webcams Page

For more information about Newquay Zoo and its conservation work.

Newquay Zoo Videos

Newquay Zoo The Meerkats – A family favourite.

Newquay Zoo The Meerkats The Meerkats at Newquay zoo are very popular. Meerkats are native to southern Africa, they inhabit open arid areas, with short grasses and scrub. As a carnivorous species, meerkats will eat insects, lizards, spiders, birds and eggs. They can also kill and eat venomous snakes, scorpions and centipedes without getting hurt or becoming ill as they are [...]

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Penguins at Newquay Zoo – Entertaining and Cute

Penguins at Newquay Zoo The Penguins at Newquay Zoo are one of the most popular attractions especially with children who delight in their antics. The Zoo works hard at providing all of its animals with a stimulating environment and has to be inventive by providing new experiences for the animals in their care to keep them stimulated. In this short video taken b [...]

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Newquay Zoo Keepers – Conservation at the sharp end

Visit the Zoo and see for yourself the work of the Newquay Zoo Keepers. Back to Newquay Accommodation Search Back to Visitor Information Follow the Newquay Guide on Facebook [...]

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Newquay Zoo Lemurs – Entertaining action and Antics

 Newquay Zoo Lemurs The antics of the  Newquay Zoo ring-tailed Lemurs are always entertaining. Their ability to bounce around and leap from trees and sheds in their play always attracts a crowd. Children, in particular, love their frenetic activity. Ring-tailed lemurs are native to tropical dry and scrub forests in central and southwestern Madagascar. They are omnivo [...]

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Newquay Zoo Meerkats – Cute Spirited family favourites

Newquay Zoo Meerkats Baby Meerkats at Newquay Zoo. Everyone's favourites despite the TV adverts. Here we have the real thing cute or what? and not an Insurance company in sight! Inquisitive, bouncy and full of spirit they are a pleasure and great entertainment just to watch as they play and spring around in the grass. Use the tag below to see more Videos and inform [...]

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© Photograph of Red Panda with kind permission of Angie Muldowney (Flckr)