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Newquay Lifeboat in action – tows in a Fishing boat.

Newquay’s Atlantic 85 lifeboats launched at 08:30 hrs on Friday 2nd July 2010 to assist a broken down fishing vessel 4.5 miles off Towan head. The lifeboat gets called out for many types of emergencies.

Broken down fishing boats, windsurfers stranded on rocks, kids inflatables being pushed out to sea, fishermen get caught out by an incoming tide, medical evacuations after an injury or illness to say nothing of the false alarms and flares being sighted. The crew are all volunteers and have to live close by.

However, it is not just the boat crew that is required. The Tractor diver and launch crew are all necessary to launch the lifeboat safely and for its recovery back to the station.

For more information on Newquay Lifeboat. To see other videos of the Newquay Lifeboat in action.

Newquay Lifeboat in Action

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