Tide Times Newquay

Tide Times Newquay

Fistral Beach at Low tide

Tide Times Newquay

Whether you are surfing, fishing or conducting any type of activity the Newquay tides are an important consideration. The tides influence the quality and type of surf, where the fish are and even when it is safe to walk along the beach.  On a spring tide (when the tide range is at its maximum) it is surprising just how fast the tide comes rushing back in.

Tide times for Newquay

These are the Tide Times Newquay


01 December 2021

Time Type Height
02:09 high 6.16m
08:34 low 1.7m
14:29 high 6.52m
21:05 low 1.33m

02 December 2021

Time Type Height
02:58 high 6.61m
09:24 low 1.26m
15:19 high 6.9m
21:52 low 0.97m

03 December 2021

Time Type Height
03:45 high 6.98m
10:12 low 0.9m
16:06 high 7.18m
22:38 low 0.73m

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