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Newquay Lifeboat Naming Ceremony

Newquay Lifeboat

The Newquay lifeboat naming ceremony will be held in Cornwall on Saturday to honour the late Enid Mary May.

The formal ceremony and naming service will be held at the Newquay Lifeboat Station dedicated for their new class D in shore lifeboat. The boat was left by Enid in her will, who stated she “wished to supply the RNLI with an inshore lifeboat”.

The boat is essential for training and equipment for RNLI staff to carry out their work safely and correctly. First introduced in 1963, the class D lifeboat is used for rescues near cliffs, rock and caves as it is highly manoeuvrable and suited to surf on shallow water.

The donated craft from Enid Mary May will replace the former Valerie Wilson, which served the RNLI for ten years.

The service will start at 2:30pm, with extra seating allocated on the quayside for people who wish to watch the proceedings.

The RNLI will meet the family and friends of Enid, who will give a presentation on her life and the special relationship she held with the lifeboat rescue team. The event will be held at Newquay harbour starting at 2:30pm.

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