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Phillip Schofield Huers Hut

Phillip Schofield Huers Hut

In an interview with the Cornish Guardian on the Hures Hut, Phillip said: “I watched the campaign to look after the hut very carefully and it wasn’t very successful; it closed before I really got to grips with how to donate, as well as how poorly it had all become,”.

The History

It was built as a shelter for a man known as a ‘Huer’ who was a very important person in the fishing industry of the time. It was his job to spot shoals of fish, more often than not pilchards, and to sound his horn and to shout ‘HEVA HEVA’ (“Here they are”) to alert the fishermen in Newquay harbour.
The seine boats would then launch and would be guided to where the fish were by the Huer on his high vantage point, he would use two furse bushes covered in cloth to use an early form of semaphore signalling to guide them in and they would use long nets to catch the fish. This was the commodity that the town was raised on, many believe that the town owes it’s existence to the hut, as if the fish were not caught the town may well of not been able to grow through it’s great source of fishing at the time.

More information on the Huers Hut here.

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