Sea Kings Flypast – A celebration of their 75 years of service

771 Squadron Cornwall Search and Rescue Sea Kings fly across Newquay Bay YouTube
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The Sea Kings Flypast

771 Squadron flew around the coast in a 150-mile tour from Helston to Land’s End, up to Newquay and over Truro, before flying back to the Lizard via Falmouth.

This short video (Sea Kings Flypast Newquay Bay) shows the helicopters over Newquay Bay. The Five Sea King helicopters based at Royal Naval Air Station Culdrose flew in formation. The sixth Sea king remained on standby and was called out twice during the flypast. The Flypast was to celebrate the Squadron’s 76th year.

The Squadron is capable to operate within a 200 nautical mile radius of RNAS 24 hours a day, and carries out more than 200 rescues a year. Their tasks include plucking sailors from sinking ships, airlifting casualties to hospitals and assisting police in carrying out aerial searches.

Every year they save many lives in some of the most hazardous conditions imaginable, often putting their own lives at risk. This year marks the Squadron’s last birthday before it hands over its search and rescue duties at the end of the year.

Sea Kings Flypast

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